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A version of Åsa and Chris envisaged by listener Barbora!

Åsa and Chris

Real Life Åsa and Chris

Who hosts a Flatpack History of Sweden? That’s us! Åsa and Chris!

Åsa and Chris met in London in the autumn of 2017 and quickly bonded over their love of history, politics, languages and travelling and living abroad. After listening to thousands of hours of podcasts about world history, Chelsea FC, Star Wars, popular culture and politics, they thought they would like to listen to a comprehensive podcast on the history of Sweden, but in English. Alas, there wasn’t one available that fit the bill, so they decided the create their own!

Chris is from the south coast of England and has an undergraduate degree in Ancient History and a Masters in International Politics and has spent his career to date working for a number of individuals, institutions and companies providing briefings, analysis, media monitoring and speech writing. He currently works for a large Swedish company in Stockholm and is developing his already decent Swedish skills.

Åsa is from Skåne in southern Sweden and has an undergraduate degree in Political Science and International Relations and a Masters in International Journalism. She has worked as a tour guide in Portugal, France, Germany and Sweden and as an international observer in Colombia. She then worked in Television, first as an Assistant Producer in London on productions for Netflix, National Geographic and CBS, and then for an independent drone-based film production company in Sweden. She now works in communications for a large public institution in Stockholm. Fluent in four languages and competent in another three, she is now thinking of the next language to add to that list…

Chris’ favourite periods of history include the late Roman Republic and early Empire, the Great Northern War and the Second World War. His most interesting historical figures include Cicero, Carl von Clausewitz, Carl Gustav Rehnskiöld and Olga of Kiev.

Åsa’s favourite periods of history include the late 19th century and early 20th century, various women’s suffrage movements around the world and wars after 1945. Some of her favourite historical figures include Eleanor Roosevelt, Martha Gellhorn, Per-Albin Hansson and Queen Kristina of Sweden.